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Used by organizations worldwide, including community and medical groups, government entities, and universities who need private discussion lists, with the conversations delivered to their internet-connected device.

 Web or email subscriptions, automatic list management, and real-time reports. 

Group Email Services 
Support by Real people, not by frustrating Artificial Intelligence

Group email is an email protocol that enables users to create email groups for the purpose of only communicating via email and text messaging

Why you should use a group email discussion list

The best approach for keeping track of any email exchange is through discussion lists. We provide the means for people, businesses, organizations, and communities to encourage communication and teamwork among members.

Suitable for groups of any size.  EASY to use, and SECURE


The majority of individuals prefer receiving emails over visiting websites to read emails. We provide you with two straightforward ways to access your discussions.


Our discussion list services are powered by Lyris Listmanager™, giving you full control over the settings for your list and list members. Keep the discussion list preset recommendations, or fine-tune the list settings to suit your needs.


Your discussion lists are kept secure with a login requirement for the web interface.

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Why Use Group Email or Did We Discuss That in Group? 

Using group email (also known as Discussion Lists), for communication, offers several advantages. It is an effective tool for various settings, from businesses to community groups. These types of lists allow back-and-forth communication between all members using email. Group or discussion lists allow: Efficient and Easy Communication: Like a marketing...

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Data Privacy and Security in Group Email Communications

Are you a member of a group email list, also known as a discussion list? Is this a group of professionals discussing the next stock takeover, or perhaps a travel club discussing your next big adventure?  Regardless of the discussion and participants, how safe is your group list?  Should there...

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Why Group Email Outshines Group Texting with Facebook  

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