Research indicates that most people would rather receive an email than visit a website to read email

Dundee Email List Hosting delivers

There are different options for list members to receive group email discussion contributions:

  • By email as they post
  • Elect to receive a Daily Digest
  • Receive a Daily Index of all the subjects from the messages that day
  • Read the discussion on the Web Interface

In Addition, your list members can search and contribute, change their settings, or leave your list, all from one location, one URL or one email address. Easy!


And member list preferences can be set for:

  • Fast text searching: Automatically indexes your archived messages
  • Confirmations: Keep pranksters and spammers out of your discussions. An “are you sure you want to join” message can be sent to new subscribers to confirm their email address
  • Visitors: Mailing lists can allow visitors to read and search the archives on the web, but they cannot contribute to the group
    Multi-lingual: Supports mailing lists in a number of languages
  • Moderating: Supports several moderating models. All members can be moderated, selected members can be moderated, and selected members can be unmoderated. (while everyone else still is)
  • Web-based moderating: Approve or reject messages using the web interface
  • Date moderating: Have moderated messages automatically approved after a given time period.

And it’s easy to learn as our hosted group discussion list solution is:

Compatible: Accepts most list server commands, ones that you may already be familiar with.