Discussion List Services
(group email hosting)
by Dundee Internet

Used by organizations worldwide, including community groups, government entities, and universities who need private discussion lists, with the conversations delivered to their internet-connected device.

 Web or email subscriptions, automatic list management, and real-time reports. 

Group Email Services 
supported by Real People, not AI’s

Group email is an email protocol that enables users to form email groups to solely converse in email with one another.

What Group Email (Discussion List) can do for you.

Discussion lists are an ideal way to follow any conversation in email. We give communities, organizations, businesses, and individuals, a way to facilitate dialogue and cooperation between members.


Easy, Flexible, and Secure for any size group.


Most people would rather receive an email than visit a website to read email. We give you two simple solutions to access your discussions.


Our discussion list services are powered by Lyris Listmanager™, giving you full control over the settings for your list and list members. Keep the discussion list preset recommendations, or fine-tune the list settings to suit your needs.


Your discussion lists are kept secure with a login requirement for the web interface.

Meet Our Team

Our team brings a wealth of experience with Lyris ListManager™, and provides stellar services and technical support.


Patricia Rountree

Task Master


Mary Schultz

Billing Manager


Marty Tripp

Technical Engineer


Janet Walsh

Website Designer

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