Discussion List Services For Business

Powerful - Secure – Customization  with searchable archives and RSS*

  1. Ideal for group projects and collaboration, both in and out of the office.
  2. Share ideas, information, and documents.
  3. Take a survey.
  4. Manage your discussion lists with easy to use administrative tools.
  5. Customize your discussion lists with the look and feel of your company’s web personality.
  6. Work with your Social Networks with easy network integration.
  7. Create an informal online community for the entire organizations to discuss upcoming events, personal milestones, notices and more.

Most businesses are comprised of several autonomous working divisions or groups, which, while working independently, function together as one unit.  A discussion list is an ideal medium for the business that has a need for these divisions – collaborate in an email conversation.

Discussion lists accommodate both the remote and on-site employee

With Discussion List Services by Dundee Internet, businesses find that sharing ideas and knowledge is a simple and yet an efficient process for work integration, offering a secure way to deliver solutions for collaboration in the privacy of their home or office – 24/7.

*Archives can be syndicated using RSS. With an RSS aggregator to be notified of new messages in a lists archives.