Group Email Discussion List Hosting

Group Email Discussion List Hosting

Powerful, Safe, and Simple.

Dundee Email solutions for private Group Email Discussion lists with advanced email technology.

Utilize cutting-edge features, offer digests, searchable archives, and real attachments while managing your group list.

Use a private IP address on our network to send mail, use your own domain for your list address, and modify your interface as necessary.

Searchable archives, forums with multi-list capabilities, allow anonymous posting. 

Dealing with blocked domains, missing messages or lost conversations in the social media web?

Advance with Dundee Email group discussion List Service –
An effective, timely communication solution, for any group of people, anytime, anywhere regardless of age, status, title, online now or later. Whether your staff, subscribers, constituents, co-workers, management or friends are in the same room, building, State, or across the world, group email discussion list services make it possible for you to cultivate conversations with each of them- at their own pace and convenience.

No one can guarantee in-box delivery, but we guarantee if you have delivery issue, we will work with you to your satisfaction to get it done right.

And when you need a free email group solution, we’ll start you out with free list listserv services, to see if we’re the group email discussion list host you’re looking for.  Contact us today! (734-529-5331)