Discussion List Hosting

Discussion List Hosting

Powerful, Secure and Easy.

Discussion List hosting running on the Lyris ListManager platform.

Run your group list using advanced tools, offer digests, searchable archives and true attachments.

Use your own domain for your list address, mail from a private IP on our network and customize your interface needed.

Discussion List Services is the ideal way to follow any conversation in email. We give communities, organizations, businesses and individuals, a way to facilitate dialogue and cooperation between list members.

Discussion Lists are based on a group of people of like interests. They are online communities without boundaries. Unlike the traditional announcement list, the discussion list facilitates two-way communication among its members, as members can read all posts to the list and can reply to the topic at hand.

Discussion List Services by Dundee Internet offers email discussion list hosting for every interest group including:

  • Associations/Non-Profit agencies
  • Clubs/ Organizations
  • Hobby Enthusiasts
  • Board of Directors
  • Employees/ Management
  • Wedding Planning/ Family Events
  • Families/ Genealogy
  • Any Discussion- private or public

Email Discussion List Services is an effective, timely communication solution, for any group of people, anytime, anywhere regardless of age, status, title, online now or later. Whether your staff and subscribers, constituents, co-workers, management or friends are in the same room, building, State, or across the world. Email discussion list services make it possible for you to cultivate conversations with each of them- at their own pace and convenience.