Discussion list services, by Dundee Internet, powered by Lyris ListManager™ delivers.

With Lyris ListManager™ you have full control over the settings for your list and list members. Keep the discussion list preset recommendations or fine-tune list settings, as you need.

There are Three Options to read posts:

  1. Receive individual emails as posted on any computing device
  2. Subscribers, at their own leisure, may periodically visit the web interface to read and reply to the conversation
  3. Email a compiled digest of messages in a timely manner to subscribers.

You can also Control the Flow of mail:

  1. Place a limit on the number of posts a single member can send in one day.
  2. Define the total number of daily messages allowed to be posted to the list

We offer Branding Choices:

  1. Use your own domain: (listname)@mydomain.com instead of (listname)@discussionlistservices.com
  2. Add a word to any domain you control to create a custom subdomain, change mydomain.com  to lists.mydomain.com

And list Subscriber Options:

  1. Approved by an administrator
  2. Password logons or not
  3. Join without approval
  4. Added by the administrator