Group Email Discussion list services, by Dundee Mail, delivers

You have complete control over the settings for your list and list members on the Lyris ListManager platform. Keep the preset system recommendations or make any necessary changes to your list’s settings.

There are Three Options to read posts:

  1. Receive individual emails as posted on any internet-connected device
  2. Subscribers, at their own leisure, may periodically visit the web interface to read and reply to the conversation
  3. Email a compiled digest of messages in a timely manner to subscribers.

You can also Control the Flow of mail:

  1. Place a limit on the number of posts a single member can send in one day.
  2. Define the total number of daily messages allowed to be posted to the list

We offer Branding Choices:

  1. Use your own domain: (listname)@mydomain.com instead of (listname)@discussionlistservices.com
  2. Add a word to any domain you control to create a custom subdomain, change mydomain.com  to lists.mydomain.com

And list Subscriber Options:

  1. Approved by an administrator
  2. Password logons or not
  3. Join without approval
  4. Added by the administrator