Nonprofit Individual

Advanced Group Email with Discussion List Services For Nonprofits

powered by Lyris ListManager hosted by Dundee Internet

Created with Nonprofit organizations in mind, Group Email options Include:

  1. HTML archives – perform very fast word searches
  2. HTML search engine
  3. RSS syndication
  4. View as newsgroup (NNTP) Multiview
  5. Approval Wizard
  6. The Approval Summary Reports
  7. Web interface for email list management
  8. Allow visitors to visit your mailing list and read your archives
  9. Optional forum interface
  10. Restrict Member Options
  11. Optional password required
  12. Set membership expiration date
  13. Control how people join the list using the discussion forum interface
  14. Change the look of messages on your discussion list
  15. Define criteria for rejecting discussion list messages

With the recent social networking trend, more and more organizations are turning to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other social arenas to grow their online presence and online communities. Tools to create and moderate these online societies in a structured environment are highly desired.  Therefore several leading Universities recognize that social networks along with content management can be a major communication facilitator for their school. Discussion List Services is the tool to tie diverse networks of systems together by leveraging the power of each; social networking, content, and communication management systems into an organized platform used to:

  1. Create secure private discussion areas: with tracking and email integration.
  2. Communicate with online communities in your own private area to discuss sensitive materials, projects or ideas.
  3. Customizable profile features.
  4. Hold a discussion where your supporters can get answers and ask questions with a record of your meetings by searchable archives for later review.

With Dundee Internet hosted group email Discussion List Services, non-profits have a simple and secure way to hold online discussions in a customized online setting.

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