• Verification by Name, by matching the identity of a poster with the member’s full name
  • Moderated by an administrator who must approve any message before it posts to the to the list
  • Not Moderated, no approval needed to post messages
  • Number Moderated requires a certain number of approved posts submitted by a new member before the new member can post messages without approval

There are message restrictions that can be set to:

  • Impose a “maximum posts per member, per day” limit
  • Reject Email Attachments
  • Require senders to include their “Password in Body” of the message

Username and password requirement for the Web interface User and in addition, select an option to only allow subscription requests performed using the web interface

List Security includes:

  • Mandatory Confirmed Subscriptions
  • Membership options
    • Open – Anyone can join (no approval needed)
    • Private – The administrator must approve new members
    • Password – New members need to know the password to join
    • Closed

But wait there’s more!

  • Allow Non-Member Posting: By default, non-members cannot post, however you may choose to allow non-members to post
  • Match Phrase Protection: Recipients may need to include a specified word in their postings in order to be accepted
  • Password Protected Posting
  • Bans: Prohibit posting from rejected addresses. Supports explicit banning of members, and the “reverse” banning
  • Anonymous Postings
  • Maximum Posts: Per Member
  • Access to List Archives or restrict visibility of these archives

We also offer a form-based login in order to enable true login sessions which includes limits and login URL

And Spam protection such as the Number-moderating feature that virtually eliminates spam, by requiring new members to have their first message approved: Keeps spammers from joining your list just to spam it

And more …