ListManager Support

Lyris ListManager Support

Have an issue with your Discussion List or Announcement List and just can’t get the help you need – even if you’re not a Dundee Internet Customer;

Give us a call (734)529-5331 or email

Non-profit, small or medium sized businesses or specific industry segments who need outside expertise to respond quickly to an Lyris ListManager™ issue can count on our expertise for guidance and solutions. We are here to help. After all, we are Lyris’s first customer having first-hand knowledge and experience using ListManager is real world situations.

We can solve your email problems including errors, rejections, sending, deliverability, reports, testing and templates for the implementation of upgrades and address configuration topics as needed.

Call for pricing. No solution, no charge.

We also offer on-going server management, monitoring, and maintenance for your in-house Lyris ListManager™ server and related database server.

Support contracts available.

24/7 support