Pro Plan

Need attachments? We can do that, starting at $29.95

group email for Discussion Lists

Host your group email discussion list with the most experienced Lyris ListManager™ provider on the planet – Dundee Internet Services, Inc. always fast and reliable with features galore.

Discussion List Pro: $29.95 a month – No Set-up Fees – No limits.

The $29.95 Pro Plan allows your list members to send attachments with their messages.  Restrict the message size or not. Send any type of file: i.e., text, csv, exe, pdf, scripts, etc.

Never a setup fee!

  • Only $29.95 a month (recurring charge (MRC). The MRC covers subscribe, unsubscribes, hello messages and other administrative emails plus archives and search engines, if applicable.
  • Includes (but you’re NOT limited to) 10,600 40K size monthly message units – That’s 127,200 included message units a year! Sending more than 10,600 40K messages a month – additional volume surcharge* is only $0.80/1000 messages. 
  • Discussion lists, we recommend no more than 1,000 Subscribers
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Minimum commitment: 3 months
  • Fast delivery: 99.9% of messages are delivered in an average of 5 minutes!

* The volume surcharge is actual message units sent over the message units that are included with your selected Service Type, based on a message unit size of 40k. If you are planning to send messages larger than 40k these prices do not apply. Messages larger than 40k are calculated in increments of 1k, you are only charged for the exact size of your messages (that are larger than your included message unit size) that are processed for distribution to your mailing list. For example, if you sent a message that is 44k in size, you would be charged for 1.2 message units.

Individual or non-profit use only: the Dundee Email Personal List Services are only available to individuals and non-profit organizations and may not be used for any commercial purposes, including solicitations or offering of items and/or services for sale. Need a commercial e-mail list program?

Pricing examples:

A moderately active list of 170 subscribers sending 6 messages a day for 31 days for 31,620 monthly messages. Messages are 40k or less in size.
No one receives digests*.

$29.95 monthly fee + (31,620 messages – 10,600 included messages)/1000 * $0.80 = $46.75


An extremely active list of 70 subscribers sending 100 messages a day for 31 days for 217,000 messages. All messages are 40k in size. No one receives digests.

$29.95 monthly fee + 217,000(messages) – 10,600 included messages)/1000 * (* $0.80) = $195.07

*Digests count as 1 message

Have multiple lists to manage?  Virtual Services for Nonprofits: a service plan designed specifically for organizations having multiple lists hosting needs.