Experience Email without SPAM – For Windows and Linux users

Currently Protects Over 8 Million Mailboxes World-Wide


  • Blocks 99% of all incoming SPAM and infected emails
  •  No Software or hardware required, easy setup
  •  Restore and reclassify email from Junk or Spam to legitimate
  •  Automatically add or block senders
  •  Web-Based Interface
  •  Outbound email filtering
  •  Quarantine Alerts


  •  Keep your inbox clean and your network safe
  •  Effective and affordable
  •  Daily Held SPAM Report, with easy legitimate restore
  •  Save time
  •  Set it and Forget It
  •  No updates for you to download and install

Our Spam and Virus Protection:

Definitions have updated an average of 4,000 to 8,000 daily – 365 days a year.

Fully managed protection, with a documented advantage of blocking 99% of SPAM, phishing, viruses and other internet pollutions.

The cost is well worth your peace of mind:

One-time Setup $ 25

Per account $ 1.00

Primary Domain $10

Alias Domain $5

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