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Learn How Email List Hosting Services Can Improve Donor Retention for your Charity

Are you struggling to retain donors for your charity? Do you find that your current email campaigns fall short of expectations?

Look no further than Dundee Internet Email List Hosting Services! With Dundee, you can send timely, personalized emails to thank your donors properly.

By establishing a personalized connection with your donors, you are showing them that their contributions matter, and that you understand why they support your charity. This can reinforce their expectations of your charity and encourage them to continue supporting your cause.

But that’s not all. With Dundee Email Services you can;

  1. helping volunteer servicesInvite your donors to upcoming events and other ways they can contribute, such as volunteer opportunities. By keeping them engaged and involved, you can build a stronger relationship with your donors and increase the likelihood of future contributions.
  2. Track your progress when you send out an email campaign. By creating customized reports based on your needs, you can see what’s working and what’s not. And if expectations fall short, you can test and test again using a small audience to find the right mailing content/subject line combination.


  3. Time your donation requests based on the donor’s past activity. By offering to set up automatic debit donations on the schedule that they select on their profile sheet, you make donating easier and more convenient for them.
  4. Create anniversary dates for your new donors and thank them personally every year that they are a member. This shows them that you value their support and encourages them to continue donating to your charity.
  5. Email interesting stories to your list that highlight accomplishments, progress, and success of the cause they are supporting. This can help them see the impact of their contributions and feel even more connected to your charity.

email groupAnd if your donors have questions, we can set up a Discussion List for your organization (or group email list) to answer them, saving the answers in searchable archives for all donors. And you can allow all donors to have access to the information they need and feel informed about your charity’s work.

Don’t wait! Sign up for Dundee Internet Email List Hosting Services now and begin improving your donor retention. With Dundee’s expert assistance, you can keep that conversation going and tailor your mailings to your donors’ needs and interests.