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Is It True What They Say About Group Email ?

guy leaning on a question markCurrently many people are working from home, and it will continue to be that way for awhile it seems.  Conversations such as those between sales, co-workers and management is essential and private.  Therefore, it stands to reason, important work conversations should not be left to Facebook or text messaging. Important work conversations should have a place of their own, with easy-to-follow conversational threads, that are stored as searchable archives by title or author.  Dundee Internet’s Discussion List Services offers the best way to do this is with their group email list hosting (also known as discussion list hosting).  

Group email by definition is an email protocol that enables users to form email groups to solely converse in email, with one another. (by Dundee) 

This type of email, group email, is normally governed by a continuous email exchange among members of specific email groups.  Conversations using the Dundee platform are easily followed by the threads created, as members discuss or converse under each topic that has been initiated by an email message.  When [email protected] a list member of the Fashion Group, starts a discussion within the group with an email message titled (e.g.) Buying Red Sneakers, every response to that email becomes a string, so to speak, of that thread: The conversion thread is then archived and becomes searchable by all list members under the topic Buying Red Sneakers, the date or [email protected] as the author.

Group email is the ultimate communication tool. It is an excellent way to keep everything organized.  In fact, companies, small businesses, and non-profits working within their organization with various, teams, departments, and colleagues, benefit using group email virtual:  They tell us they are more productive and organized.

Group email virtual is a program we offer that grants customers the ability to set up any type of email list (Announcement, Discussion, Newsletter) under their domain or ours’s. 

With each list added the list admin can:

There are so many advantages when you have group email ownership.

Our platform is designed to make management easy from the desktop, tablet, or cell phone.  Commands can be emailed into the server without having to login a specific URL for management: it can all be done remotely with your phone or any device that allows you to send and receive email.

With our outstanding features (to numerous to list here), our users have total control of their lists, including:

Whether your employees or volunteers work at home or in the office, group email will keep you organized and your messages private. Trust your important conversations to Dundee, 23 plus years experience in email communication.

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