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Group Email Discussion Lists

The best solutions for any group that needs private and direct online communication; with advanced email list hosting tools supporting various list configuration for all asynchronous discussions. 

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Virtual List Hosting For Group Email

Create as many mailing lists as needed under one domain, with no additional set-up fees

Web interface:

A web interface connection creates an easy way for people to subscribe, leave and change their settings. Members can also search, read and contribute from the web.

Fast text searching:

All archives may be indexed for fast searching. Search on a particular word used in a message; specify the location of the words in the message. (i.e. header), or exclude them altogether.


An “are you sure you want to join” message can be sent to new subscribers to confirm their email address and ensure someone else did not subscribe to the list as a prank.


The system accepts common commands used by other list services: you do not have to relearn commands.

Protected membership:

Mailing lists may be configured so new members can be;

  • approved by an administrator or not
  • required to use a member password or not required
  • added to your list without approval or you can require approval
  • be added by the administrator or you can allow them to add themselves


At the administrator’s discretion, your mailing list can allow visitors to read and search the archives on the web but cannot contribute to the group. OR keep it private.


Supports mailing lists in a number of languages.

Spam protection:

Number-moderating feature virtually eliminates spam. By requiring new members to have their first few messages approved (number set by you) you can keep spammers from joining your list.


Supports several moderating models.  All members can be moderated OR selected members can be moderated Or the list can be open without moderation. 

Web-based moderating:

You can approve or reject messages using the web interface. Different moderation setting includes:

  • Date Moderating: Can have moderated messages be automatically approved after a given time period
  • Email Based 
  • Number moderating: An option for new members to have their first few messages approved; thereafter they can contribute unmoderated

Security Settings:

Different security roles (list admin, site admin, and server admin) allow you to delegate rights and responsibilities


Sending the same message to multiple lists can be  Allowed or Disallowed


 Receive a daily digest with all the messages of the day.  Regular or mime


Make your list available as a secure private newsgroup using NNTP protocol

and so much more:

Don’t see a feature you’re looking, email [email protected] just to make sure.