Email Continuity Service

Email Continuity Service

Disruptions can happen, whether it is a natural disaster, routine maintenance, or a power outage. However, you do not have to lose your important emails. With our Email Continuity service, your flow of emails will not stop even if the servers are down. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, and is an effective way to protect your company from costly email outages.

Email Continuity Advantages:

  • No onsite hardware or software is required
  • Provides OWA access for 30 days of email
  • Prevents customers from experiencing bounced messages
  • Once service is restored, messages received during the outage will be delivered to your on-premise servers

Continuity, Low Costs, and High Rewards

  • One time set up fee of $25.00
  • Monthly fee of $2.00 per email with a minimum of $10/mo
  • Peace of mind that you will not miss out on important emails.