Discussion List Members Have Options When They Use Dundee

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Discussion List members have several options when you use Dundee.net’s discussionlistservices.com for group email.

Your list members can receive email:

  1. As it’s contributed.
  2. In a digest format with all the messages of the day
  3. Digest MIME format
  4. Just an index of the subject lines of the daily messages
  5. Or chose no mail at all (and read it in a searchable forum) 
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Our Digests, the most popular format allows custom headers and footers.  Each night the list members will receive a single email message containing all the contributed messages to that list in that day.  

And as the list administrator (you can be the only one or one of several) you can choose to moderate the list or leave it open, unmoderated.

Saving archives?  Archives are stored as a searchable forum, by date, subject or author, both in plain text and HTML.  This is especially helpful for research and discussion history.

  1. It’s simple and easy to use.
  2. As a list owner you control all the list features
  3. We include web forms: make a custom welcome letter, headers, footers to easy unsubscribe link.
  4. Make your list private or public
  5. You own the content
  6. Searchable Archives …and you’ll save money, less expensive than most group email providers with more features and benefits.