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4 Great benefits using Discussion list Services for your group email.

Group email by definition is an email protocol enabling users to form email groups to solely converse in email, with one another.

Email group features may vary from ESP to ESP (Email Service Provider),  but so do the benefits of using a particular service, as they depend on which provider you select.

Here are the top 4 benefits of group email, Dundee Email list owners’ value

  1. smile plushiesThere is a common email address for the list members to send and reply to.  The list address will accept email submissions from any email client on any type of device.  If preferred, the list can “hide” behind a private webpage (or it can be made public) where list members login to the page to post their message.

  2. Your messages can be automatically saved or archived.  There’s no downloading, or additional software needed.  They are searchable by Subject, Author, and Date. You can access them from any connected device to the internet AND you have control over who reads them: list member, guest, or both.

  3. Secure messaging within the group.  You can require passwords, free or paid membership with expiration dates, immediate delivery to the inbox, or members can receive an index of the daily subjects (and read the threads in the searchable archives) or receive a daily digest of the day’s conversations.

  4. anonomous maskAnonymous posting, as some kinds of mailing lists benefit from allowing members to hide their identity.  e.g. discussion in a psychological support group or an employee suggestion box.  This option has many uses.

Before deciding which provider to use for your group email, consider the features and benefits you need and will need for future growth.  What are your requirements? Do you need a branded discussion list, more than one list, several or one administrator, training for your staff, custom HTML skins, survey capabilities, searchable archives, moderated, secure from hackers, 24/7 support and total control of your members? If so, try a no cost no obligation evaluation list with